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Mike Brown from A Dog’s Best Friend magazine interviewed us this month on our Mahu Oils range. This magazine is produced in the UK and has a huge following in the USA. We are ecstatic to be in the magazine and get some International exposure, it was a great opportunity to put little ole NZ out there again!

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A little about the magazine from Mike Brown, Editor.

A Dogs Best Friend is a monthly digital magazine and the ultimate lifestyle magazine for all dog lovers, pet parents and their companions. Get yours at! Get in ahead of the crowd before we move to a paid subscription…

We’ve been proud to publish A Dogs Best Friend since 2013 with the readership and fan base growing ever since.

The magazine started life on the App store and has had over 130,000 downloads.

We’re always on the look out for interesting features or articles that might strike a chord in a particular area or region as breed preferences can vary so much between countries. For example in Japan right now the smaller breed is hugely popular, but in the US the Labrador is the number 1 most popular pooch…

So, if we aren’t quite hitting the spot… and… you’d like us to cover a certain issue or would like to see more info on a particular area please just drop us an e-mail at

Right now we’re looking at expanding into print, so look out for us on a supermarket shelf near you soon!

Check out the September edition with features from leading dog experts and dog bloggers such as how to handle aggressive dogs and practical advice on how to manage a multiple dog household.

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