As most of you will know, we have been working hard over the past 3 months to bring you a new and improved natural range of care products for all of your pets.
We realised very quickly that what we had to offer had outgrown the K9 Oils brand and we needed to get our message out to our clients that we had a great product to offer. With the help of your input we designed the Mahu Oils range and we are very proud to have this now available for you, and just in time for Xmas!

Our new offer also includes our new all natural hand made Goats Milk Soap, which is infused with natural oils including Citronella, Peppermint and Cedarwood, the Flea Guard which you all use for Cats, Dogs, Horses and even Chooks! And the Only Cut Aid Cream in the country that can be used for anything and everything – even humans!

We are offering a Xmas Pack for $69.00 which includes:
Flea Guard 30ml normally $44.50
Cut Aid Cream 20g normally $24.50
Coat Care Soap 100g normally $16.95 (FREE!)

All for $69.00 So you buy the Flea Guard and Cut Aid Cream and get the Coat Care Soap for Free and we will include Free Shipping.

Order YOUR Christmas Care Pack here